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House Transcripts

It's like Clinic Duty for the transcribers

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Been looking for House transcripts? You've come to the right place.

This community has an archive of the transcripts for all House episodes that have been aired. Transcribers who would like to help us are more than welcome to apply and join. We hope to make this community a place for transcribers to be able to seek help from fellow transcribers and members alike; and for everyone to proudly proclaim their love for House by having these lovely transcripts to use as they please.

We welcome any information in regard to any transcripts that we have incorrectly labelled as belonging to the wrong transcriber, as well as any corrections to the transcripts that you can find.

Use the Episode Transcript Index for your navigational needs.

Your mods hithluin and musikologie can be contacted through their username @ livejournal.com email addresses.

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