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Season 8, Part 2 - transcribers needed

In less than two weeks, House's "Winter Season" will begin and, once again, I'm looking for volunteers. We've got four good people this year but could use more.

Right now I'm backtracking and will get Dead & Buried done as soon as I can. Episodes 9, 11 & 12 are definitely covered. I may have someone for Episode 10 but an alternate would be great. And we could really use help starting with Episode 13.

If you volunteer, you'll receive a MS Word document with the closed-captioning subtitles. There's some clean-up. Each chunk of dialog that appears on the screen at any time is numbered and has a time stamp. You delete those (and the extra returns in the middle of speeches.) The people who did the closed-captioning are good, about 99% of it will be right, but you will find a few errors and they use some very "creative" capitalization.

The fun part comes next — filling in the action. You get to tell your fellow fans who did what and where they were. Each time you rewatch a scene with that in mind, you see nuances you missed before. House is a show worth watching again (as you already know.)

If you think you might like it, click on the link to Application and reply there (replies are screened so your e-mail address won't be visible on the web.)
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