doc_on_duty (doc_on_duty) wrote in clinic_duty,

Season Seven!

Season 7 starts on Monday. We have 3 transcribers now, but could really use more.

If you volunteer, we can provide you with a copy of the closed-captioning. It's pretty accurate (although the capitalization is fairly funky) and fixing a few typos is a lot easier than typing all the dialog. This leaves the transcribers to:
~~ Clean up the format
~~ Add the speakers' names
~~ Describe what's happening on screen

The last one is what makes transcribing fun.

The Episode Index Chart is updated and ready to go. Coding charts is not my strong suit. If you know how I messed it up, resulting in the extra tall headings, let me know. In the meantime, at least it works.

See you next week.

Because some people are volunteering (YEAH!) and providing their e-mail addresses, comments for this post are being screened.
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