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Transcriber / Beta Application Post

Interested in joining our merry band? Good. We can definitely use your help.

Here's where you can apply to become either a transcriber or a beta!

What does a transcriber do?

Depending on how many transcribers we have, episodes will be assigned to each transcriber to do as it airs. Transcribers basically write down everything that is said in an episode, as well as describing the action around the speech so that people reading the scripts know what's going on.

The good news is that it’s gotten a little easier. The most tedious part of transcribing has always been typing the dialog, rewinding and filling in the words you missed, again and again. We now know how to download the closed captioning. This means you don’t have to type the dialog or look up every medical phrase. It still takes lots of work, cleaning out the timestamps, identifying the speakers and adding all the descriptions, but it has gotten a lot easier than in the past.

Be aware that House is a medical show and there are lots of medical terms thrown around in every episode. You don't need to know anything about medicine to transcribe, but be aware that you might have to dig in and do some research to spell them out!


Your transcript, your format. As you can see, each transcriber has his or her favorite way of laying out the transcripts. Pick one that works for you. Length does, however, matter. Live Journal has a size limit for posts, but it’s fairly big. You can go a bit over 60,000 characters and still leave room for the disclaimer, cuts, etc. Most of the transcripts run about 30 pages in a word processing document and they don’t come close to hitting the limit.

What does a beta do?

Since the transcriber has now done most of the hard work, the beta basically acts as the editor and will go through the episode by both listening to it and reading the transcript at the same time. If the beta finds any discrepancies, the beta will then fix it. It's a lot easier to do than transcribing, and relatively easy to do even without prior experience. If the transcriber can't find the medical terms he/she is looking for though, the beta will have the responsibility to similarly dig through and find the appropriate information for the transcript.

How do I apply?

By leaving a comment to this post. All comments will be screened. Use this to guide your application:

Do you wish to apply as a transcriber or beta?:
Any prior experience in either transcribing or betaing:
(It would be to your advantage if you had the episodes available either on your computer or on DVD to transcribe/beta with. If you don't have the episodes available, you can apply anyway and we'll try to sort out what you can do.)


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